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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Body Is Not immortal!!!

A king was fond of flowers. She beautiful, fragrant flower pot Pchis in the yard of your Synkhand kept loaded. A servant to take care of them was kept. One day a servant from the pot broke. King found out, he was Agbbula. He ordered that two months after the employee is given the death sentence. The minister explained to the king too, but not considered a king. The king has done in the city announced that the repair of a broken pot and will make it intact, he Munhmanga award will be given. Many people came to try his luck but failed.

One day a saint arrived in the city. His ears were even pot thing. He went to the imperial court and said, 'Rajn your responsibility to add to the pot broken I would. But I want to explain it to you that this mortal body, not how the clay pot can stay immortal. It Futenge, Glenge, Mitenge. Sukega the plant. But the king was on uncorruptible.

After all, the king took them there, where the pot was kept.

Picked up a stick and a Mahatma - a strike by all the pot broke. For a while and see the king's surprise. He thought it would be pot to add a new science. But the Mahatma stood watching the same way he asked in surprise, 'What have you done? " Mahatma say, 'I have saved the lives of twenty-four men. A break from a pot is looking to execute. Twenty-four of the hand or a pot from cracking them like twenty four will also hang. So I break the pot has saved lives. " King understood the matter of Mahatma. He asked for her forgiveness with folded hands and the servants took it back to despatch of order.

Have a look this one "Chaityan ji "

Hare Krishna!!!


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