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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Oriya Jagannath bhajan with Translation

Jay Jagannath swami nayan pathagami bhavatume…

One oriya bhajan:

Bhakat bidur sag bhaja dei tosai parila mana,

Mu jete darab jachile kahinki nachuanhey bhagaban…

Dasia bauri ki tap karila,

Ta sriphala haste nela..

Bandhu boli kahi bandhu mahantinku bhohga thali jachidela..

Tume para prabhu bhava binodia mo pain kian mauna...

Mo pain kian mauna..........

English translation:

Here one abhimani bhakta(devotee) is crying at Lord Jagannath to get one drop of blessings. He is giving all the examples of people who go the kindness from Jagannath and complaining Him with crying that why He is not that kind to him . He is giving the example of bhakat Bidur ..to whose house Lord jagannath went and had Sag bhaja with pakhal bhat( green leaf fry with rice mixed in water)...

Again he is saying you took the coconut from Dasia bauri (who used to do the shavings of people) in your own hand..

Again you only cam with the golden plate with all sorts of food (mahaprasad ) and gave the same to Jajpur Bandhu mahanty(friend of Jagannath named Bandhu mahanty from jajapur) ..then why you are so silent for me ..even if am crying for you then why you are not coming to me why you are not giving your darshan to me…

Hey prabhu dayamayaa please show me your kind darshan…I will be waiting at your doorstep like that only without taking water also….

(these are true leelas of Lord Jagannath in orissa)

Radhey radhey


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