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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Another Essential/s

*****Love is just simple about how you treat people.
We all need to ask ourselves every night,
" Is there anybody i mistreated today?"
And if GOD puts anybody in your heart, if you are smart, you'll get it right before you go to sleep.
It's too late to call him, first thing in the next morning you be humble yourself and you say,
"Listen i'm sorry for the way i acted" and didn't even bother making an excuse.
Just say there is no excuse and i am sorry, "Will you please forgive me".
Because we are supposed to put on mercy and put on love and put on kindness.
Well you might say," it's not my natural nature."
You know what it is-- your natural new nature.
It may not be your old nature, but GOD gives everyone of us HIS nature and what we have to do is work with HIS blessings to let that be developed in us.
We have to get ourselves off our minds what people are doing to us, what they are not doing for us, how mistreated we are, how much worst that we got than everybody else.
Once and for all can we give all that mess to GOD.
Can we just give it all to GOD and say you know what, whatever has happened to me in the past, take it, just take it and do something with it if you can.
Whatever i didn't get from who i was suppose to get it from, GOD!
let me just give it all to you and i just trust you to give it back to me many times over.
You have to get up everyday and do the best you can and then when you make mistake, you need to admit it, you need to be willing to turn away from it.
You are never going to get over stuff if you don't call it what it is.
We don't like to say we sinned, we like to say we made a mistake, we like to say we missed it.

*****Sin is sin and if we are not forgiven for them, we cannot have relationship with GOD.
So,just admit all and keep chanting HIM.
Enjoy one n all...!!!


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