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Friday, 26 June 2009

Hera Panchami, Goddess Laxmi breaks the chariot with anger!!!

Lord Jagannath's life style is not different that of any normal human being. His festivals, rituals, events and activities equates the stature of God and his consort to that of any human being.

Hera means to "see" and Panchami means the "fifth day". The popular belief is that Lord Jagannath had promised his wife Goddess Lakshmi that He will return the next day. But Lord Jagannath does not return the next day. Goddess Lakshmi waits and waits and finally on the fifth day she goes to Gundicha Temple on a palanquin and sees the Ratha of Lord Jagannath outside Gundicha Temple.

During Rath Yatra Lord Jagannath forgets to take his wife Goddess Laxmi along with him. Goddess Laxmi with anger sets out in night and visits the Gundicha Temple. After having a stealthy look at her Lord and worshiping goddess Gundicha from out side the temple, she damages Nandigosha Ratha to teach Lord Jagannath a lesson for leaving her alone in the temple. This ritual is called as Hera Panchami.


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