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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Kthasagr: the duty of the disciple

Alexander and his teacher Aristotle once dense forest were going somewhere. Route in a rain sewer Ufnta found.
Guru - The student began to argue about who would cross the stream that? Was a deep sewer. Alexander thinking about this a few stubborn that he would cross the stream first, then will cross Gurudev. After the controversy Thodeh Aristotle to Alexander agreed. Alexander then crossed before the sewer by Aristotle. Then came across the controversy raised.

Aristotle asked, 'Why did you insult me? Alexander then gave the tech knee, holding my ears said, 'No sir. Guruvr do not say that, it was my duty to do. " Aristotle talk between the cut and asked, "Why?" Alexander said, "because it would be Aristotle can create thousands of Alexander, but Alexander can not make it an even Aristotle.


A disciple of the Buddha requested him, 'I Sunaprant
Variance in the province want to do. " Buddha asked, "If the people of Sunaprant will use harsh words, then how will you feel? Student said 'I Smjunga because they may not raise a hand on me. If any of them so I put the slap them on me So good Smjunga that they do not use poles. Poles can get the kill. Smjunga that even though I do not take life for arms running. If the weapon to kill the people of Sunaprant Smjunga that life may have trouble because people come to commit suicide to search for arms and arms that I suddenly get it done. "

Student listening to the Buddha and said the big happy, 'is what a true sage in case someone does not say bad. Others do not see the evil that everyone understands that good, that is to Priwrajk.


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