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Monday, 29 June 2009

Kthasagr: the end of the ego

Hare Krishna !!

A king. Your money - a lot of pride and strength was cereal. He generous, honest and able administrator but his
अहंकार के कारण अलोकप्रिय हो गया था। King all the time what his people keep thinking that he takes care of the whole, everyone's needs does not look happy that people still come. Why?

To find that he came to the saint Baba Gribdas. He said to say hello to Baba, Baba, anything you need to tell me, I object to your service in the blink of an eye will send. " Baba and his ego talking sense, 'what is it that you own me, will you? "

Baba said to the king, 'Baba, who is such a thing which I do not have. My store unlimited wealth - and the cereal is full of precious things. " Baba heard this saying, "Rajan, the illusion that your money - you have cereal. Your mother and your body and beauty - of the father is given. Money - Earth Mother's cereal is made. Rajpat also is not yours. People because you're the king. Rajpat people like this is a gift. Religion is their only property. If you follow the religion of the people do the service of age - by age will be immortal. Have your religion and your deeds. Come of the rest - will be felt. "

Sage from the mouth of the king's ego to know the secret of religion-beat - and beat him because of my problems have come to understand. He fell at the feet of Baba with folded hands and said, 'Baba, I talk to you now in view of their religion in governance and will place the major ego will not ever. " Baba blessed him. After this the king came and from there, with double the enthusiasm in the government took action.


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