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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Kthasagr: largest religion

Diamonds - gems was a big businessman - Devidin. Trade in any kind of impropriety did not. He Dus
Ray also consider the interests of the merchants were. Once a trader, he made a deal with jewelery. Fixed price and fixed it within that particular time that the jewelry will give the trader Devidin. Document were the signatures of both parties.

Incidentally, this period has increased a sense of jewelery. Prices on the goods if he does, it was feared to be a huge loss. Poor traders get in trouble, but he had to fulfill my promise, then. Price growth Devidin to know if he went to the merchant's shop. Devidin some say, before the businessman said, "Yes, Seth, keep faith, I promise I will complete in every way. You do not worry. "

Devidin said, 'I know your promise will be fulfilled at all, but I also know that you are very worried. See, the main reason for our concern is that document, on which our signature. If the document is deleted, then you will end your worries. Merchant said, 'No, no, Seth does not need to live like that, I give only two days' time. " But the document Devidin out and pieces - and throw the pieces to speak, 'this agreement in our hands - legs had ties. The deal price increases from my sixty - seventy thousand rupees is out on your behalf. I know your situation. Where will you such a big amount? Merchant Avac left. He got to Devidin stage. Debidin him to put up the chest and said, 'time in a way to help other human beings is the largest religion. "


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