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Monday, 22 June 2009

The power of discretion.!!

One day the great philosopher Socrates was sitting with his disciples. On a serious discussion was going on. Only one J

Yotisi arrived there. The face was famous for telling the character to see. He carefully in view of Socrates to his disciples said, 'You guys have made this person to your teacher, respect it, but this character is dirty. It is telling that the shape of the Nthunon It is hot-tempered. " Listen to this disciple of Socrates ran on the astrologer kill

They immediately stopped and the Socrates said, "The scholars are, Let them say ' Shrieks the astrologer said, "hiding the truth I do not want to insult the truth. The shape of the head of the person that it is very greedy and chin that it's crazy. It seems that from the lips will traitor. " Socrates is smiling. The gift to the person with respect and dismissed.

Was not a student. He has asked, "Gurudev, that man was continually nonsense, yet you have so much respect. I do not understand something. " Socrates spoke and serious, "the person but not the nonsense he told the truth and the truth from the mouth of the incline is bad." All surprised to hear this student began to see the full sight of Socrates.

One student asked, 'You mean the same, as she is told? Socrates spoke of without hesitation, "Yes, he said, it is true. But too many holes in me ....' All spoke with one student, "But what Gurudev? Socrates said, explaining to the disciples, "an omission that has been in Krodhaveg. Disciples asked 'how missed? Socrates spoke, he did not notice that on my conscience, I all their power to capture and carry Durgunon.


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