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Sunday, 21 June 2009

The question of faith ......... very impressive must read ......

Every time a king was submerged in devotion to God. Her only daughter was the same as Dharmanuragi. A king

I desire that his daughter married to a young man with the same kind of religious be. One day the king met a young man Dyanmgn. The king asked him, 'Where is your house? Young man replied, 'God, where does, where is my home. " Question the king, 'You have a few things? Young man said, "Apart from the grace of the Lord I do not have anything." To him by the king and his daughter's wedding with him did. After marriage the daughter of the king in the forest with her husband and put a halt under the tree. He saw that a piece of bread in the hollow of the tree is kept. She asked the husband, 'What is it? Husband replied, 'will it work tonight, so it was left last save.

Listening to this and started crying Rajknya of his father was preparing to return home. Husband said, 'I knew that this will happen. Your up - has been followed in the palace, the poor like me you will not be able to play with. " The king's daughter answered, 'I'm not afraid of poverty. I am sorry about this that God is full of your

Can not believe it. That's what you eat that last piece of bread and saving it.

God, he himself will have to pay, we do worry about it. I thought that I have a husband whose devotion to the Lord does not lack anything. I did the same on your choice, I probably am wrong. " Young man felt very sorry. Rajknya said, "you that your ears open and listen to it with a piece of bread or I will." Listening to this young man's eyes were opened. He threw a piece of bread.

"How full and satisfied life, we feel, but your special friend with a place to drink two cups of tea should always be."
'Pure sweet voice to speak from the heart'


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