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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Reasonable remuneration.....

The incident at the time when the kingdom of Mysore Diwan Sir Bisweshwaraya the state had been a work in Chicago . There a document on any subject they need to make felt. For many people they contacted. After all, a lawyer who came to know of this work was the most suitable for. Bisweshwaraya contacted the lawyer and he talked of creating documents. After knowing about all the lawyer fees to make the documents as asked for seven dollars.

Bisweshwaraya after work the lawyer has granted to seven dollars. Documents after he arrived home to a lawyer. At that time, lawyers were not at home, sir. His wife gave him the document. Documents on the same Bisweshwaraya seen. Document was prepared by the lawyers love it. Affected by the work of the lawyer and the lawyer's wife Bisweshwaraya seven instead of eight dollars and given back with the document.

In the evening arrived at the lawyer Sir Bisweshwaraya

And an additional dollar was beginning to return. Bisweshwaraya refuses to speak to him, 'Sir, I felt very good document prepared by you, I could not stop. Happy with your work and I have given more than a dollar. " Lawyer on the Bisweshwaraya said, 'I work for the good money you had set. Remuneration to be fixed on the good work and my religion was. That's why I can not take additional funds.

Despite Bisweshwaraya to request a lawyer Sir extra dollars and have not taken him back and left. The lawyer's work Bisweshwaraya unique dedication to Gdgd were seeing. He returned to Mysore, the lawyer told everyone about.

"How full and satisfied life, we feel, but your special friend with a place to drink two cups of tea should always be."
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