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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Kathasagr: the glory of faith

Ramdin called a person from my life was very upset. Any was bored at work. Whether Job or business, anywhere more than a month was not Tikta. Angry with her family all live. His wife had left her parents' home leave. One day he went to a saint and said, 'Your Majesty, I do not think any job in mind. I feel my life is meaningless. "

Sant said, "So you think your life is meaningless, because any work you do not mind attention. If you have in mind the determination that the work you have in your hand in every condition in a certain time to complete this problem, then you automatically will be solved. Whenever you feel like you were Uktane repeat that if this thought are hard to believe hard work can also be solved. Slowly - slowly and see you. Everything will be fine. "

Ramdin, the saint has come back and listening to the same day from embroidery on the clothes he started to work. He did it once before, but do not feel like the left. Ramdin also feel like this time when they feel like Ukdta then the mind believe that if it repeats the problem with a difficult job can also be solved. Thus it speaks - he speaks of the beautiful embroidery of the clothes. Cloth in the market was sold at very good price. Ramdin was the confidence of a strong and slowly - slowly he learned to work carefully. A year later his business was growing and his name was enough. Even at home, upset with his wife and family back together - with other people with respect to his present came.

Hare Krishna !!


  1. your thoughts are very good but pay more attention to your grammar

  2. @Bhaswati, Thanks for your comment... I did it by google translator... from hindi to english...

    Thanks to google translator.

    Please read in hindi .. u might read correctly