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Thursday, 2 July 2009

Kthasagr: the biggest practice

Maharshi Ved Vyas, the world in terms of their welfare and intensive serious thinking and Ganesh were concentrated by saying Likhate

Mind and was writing. This sequence goes on for a long time constant. Writing was completed at the end of the Mahabharata. Ganesh on the last Bhojptr Iti wrote that concluded the ceremony. Maharshi Ved Vyas and Ganesh Saraswat both the practice of the Home Board to full Nivirgn were glowing with satisfaction. Suddenly, Maharshi Ved Vyas said, "Ganesh, I appreciate your hard work to do from the heart. On the strength of the labor that I thought made meaningful. But your silence is even more Wandniy. So long as we together - stay together. In this period I was constantly speaks, but your mouth is not a word and now you are silent. "

Ganesh said in a polite voice, "Maharshi, the base of the flame of the lamp oil is. As oil is, the flame is weak or sharp. Maharshi, human or demon in all Pranskti is, some less some more, but not in an infinite Pranskti. A little further, he stopped and said, 'this is save Pranskti how much, how to spend it, it depends on the person's conscience. "

Maharshi Ved Vyas Bdeh his words were listening carefully. Ganesh said, 'Maharshi, who left to take the power Durupryog, they are successful in life. Accomplishment to get to the base is the voice of restraint. Your voice to those who can not control, they speak nonsense. Meaningless words give rise to hatred and enmity. The voice of incontinence Pranskti Cusata our lives. He makes the hollow man. I realize this is the silence of meditation as Bdih. Ganesh hear these words of the Maharshi Ved Vyas's eyes came Dbdba.

[The true religion, and yoga is perseverance. Brahma is the eternal truth, the truth of the ultimate sacrifice, and everything has been said is based on the truth.]

Hare Krishna !!


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