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Monday, 3 August 2009

THE DESPONDENCY OF ARJUNA @ Gita for busy people..... Part-1

Chapter I
(Arjuna Vishada Yoga)
This is the Yoga of the despondency of Arjuna. Arjuna saw all his kinsmen, sons,brothers-in-law, cousins, teachers (Bhishma, Drona and others) standing arrayed in battle and said to Lord Krishna (26): My limbs fail and my mouth is parched, my body quivers and my hairs stand on end; Gandiva slips from my hand (29). I do not wish to kill them even for the sake of the Kingship of the three worlds (35). It is a great sin to kill my teachers and relatives. If I kill them,family traditions will perish. There will be lawlessness (40). Women will become corrupt. There will be caste-confusion. The slayer of the families will go to hell for, their ancestors will fall, deprived of rice-balls and oblations (42). Caste-customs and family-customs will vanish. Arjuna was overwhelmed with grief. He threw away his bow and arrows and sank down on the seat of the chariot.

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