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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Benefits of Prayer

Our body is like a vehicle and the sole being the driver. As only an awakened and conscious driver can drive a vehicle safely to destination, A state of surrender to devotion with true spiritual rhythmic concentration or prayer is the only wonderful experience to awaken our sole drive us till Moksha.

Prayer is a spiritual understanding of Wisdom. It is the thanksgiving for all the ways GOD blesses us. It is the most natural and brilliant meditative means of nourishing and refining our soul causing it to flourish and prosper. Prayer strengthens our body and heart by expelling harmful acidic chemicals from it. Prayer keeps evil souls away, cleanses curses, erases sins, opens all doors of goodness, quicker healing of people from depression, anxiety, and even terminal illnesses. Prayer strengthens our relationships too. When we pray for those we know and love, it helps us to understand that person bit better. It allows us to be more patient and understanding in frustrating situations, and knowing that He will answer our prayers in His time makes it easier. By keeping up an acquaintance with God and of growing in the knowledge of God, prayer purifies our attitude, perception, feelings, and thoughts.

There are five types and styles of prayer. Prayer can be prayer of praise, prayer of thanksgiving, prayer of confession or prayer of supplication (asking for help ), the intercessory prayer, where we ask God to care for another person or part of his creation. Four styles of prayer are devotional (scripture-based prayer ), spontaneous prayer ( that naturally flows from our hearts almost without thinking anything ), conversational prayer, prayer of action( where some people hurt or give pain to themselves to express their devotion ).

Prayer is the means of communication with the heavenly GOD Father. It can not only be song alone or in group, but also can also be experienced by silent meditation and thus time just spent between an individual and the supreme GOD. May he be in any form, but praying the almighty majestic GOD raises your life values. Please make prayer an uncompromised schedule of your daily routine. Jaya Jagannath.

Hare Krishna !!


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