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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Kathasagar: amazing demand

The famous saint Baba Agori your roses a few were famous for amazing miracles. People see them Dan Miracle

Es under the thumb press would. Consistently show the miracle to the people - show them the man had mastered. That pride has come. He realized that he can do anything. The people he meets, his discussion of miracles, or his attainments definitely do.

A few days rose saint Baba literature Sudarshan Singh, author of 'cycle' of a poem read Gdgd be raised. Extremely impressed by the poetry of living cycle and they told him, 'Today you will ask the same. Ask, ask directly. Spoke to the cycle G Baba, "Baba, do not, I do not want anything. Devotion to God, I just practice and literature to be used, that is my ambition. " Yes, say the cycle time on the sage - and again spoke to them and insist, "the first time today, I am requesting. So ask not later regret. "

Listening to this cycle G said, "I Mangunga Baba,

You will also give him or not, first take the idea. " Baba spoke on this, 'No, surely he will get what you ask, I promise. " Yes, say after this cycle, "Baba, give you the blessing that they are all in India as Nirogi be patient, which the poor not be poor." Yes, a wonderful cycle of demand and are surprised to hear Baba foot - foot and started crying. He lived in front of the cycle and Ntmstk say, 'Today you destroyed my pride. Today I learned that all a person's ability to do something can not. Whether it is how to obtain Siddhis, it will be disabled. Serve only God is able. " Baba, listening to live there out of the cycle.

"How full and satisfied life, we feel, but your special friend with a place to drink two cups of tea should always be."
'Pure sweet voice to speak from the heart'

"Self-trust is the first secret of success"

"I feel like my green temple worship! Not a big green with Duja"


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