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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Kathasagr: a triumph of courage

At the time of this incident, when the army of Napoleon standing in front of the Alpes mountains
Was. Napoleon and passing of her
Was to find a way. One day find the way - the bottom of the mountain in search for
Left. He came to see a house there. वह घर के पास पहुंचा और उसने दरवाजा

Came out a Budihya Napoleon did not recognize but Budihya Guest
He learned of his considerable hospitality. Napoleon in the old things, things
Alpes to cross the road to try to ascertain. Listen to this old lady
Said, 'You fool, how you like the hard way and climb a mountain
In a bid to find a life is lost. Bemut do not die, go back. "
Napoleon said with a smile, "Mom, you have a mountain to come in the way
Warn about the difficulties and increased my courage and enthusiasm
Is. Now I will work very alert and smart and one day this
Alpas and will cross the mountain course. "

Surprised to hear the words of the old Napoleon was. Mind that he thought
Risk in this way to challenge a person can be extraordinary. It
Thinking he would bless Napoleon said, 'Son, the brave and courageous
For any work in this world is not impossible. Your courage and guts
In your campaign will surely succeed. After this there Napoleon
Left. Budihya of keeping in mind the great Napoleon
Alpes with caution and courage to climb on the road began to find
After all your hard work and courage, and because one day he crossed the mountains to
Able to have success. Until the last moment of his life, Napoleon to the Budihya
Remembered that the courageous and brave and repeat for any work not impossible


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