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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Kthasagr: the spirit of charity

It's the old days. A king and the other a letter to the king of a small box Surme sent. In letter
En wrote that he was lead ship is the most valuable. It is removed by blindness. King fell to thinking. He can not understand what it was - how to give. Its a good number of blind in the state - a sharp, but the amount of Surme only two eyes, which was just enough light to return. Then all of a sudden the king of his memory be an old Minister came He was Minister of very intelligent, but the light of the eyes due to leave the state he took a leave from work and was living at home.

The king thought that if the light of his eyes back then that the services of qualified ministers will meet again. Minister and the king summoned him and said Surme of the box, put in the eyes of the Surme, your eyes light will return. Remember, this is for only two eyes. " The minister put an eye in the lead. Of the eye that the light has come. Everything started to show him the minister. Then he left - lead Khucha have put on your tongue.

The king was surprised to see this. He asked, 'what have you done? Now you will come a light into the eye. You say one-eyed people. " The minister replied, 'You do not worry Rajn. I will not one-eyed. I will lead as the lights of thousands of visually impaired. I know that Ckkr what is made of lead. " Minister of understanding with the king was overwhelmed. He said by the Minister of the throat, "It is our good luck that I met you as Minister. If every state become a minister like you will not have any pain. "

"How full and satisfied life, we feel, but your special friend with a place to drink two cups of tea should always be."
'Pure sweet voice to speak from the heart'

Hare Krishna !!


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