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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Work is Worship!!

Whether sinister deeds to do good deeds, karma has to bear the fruit of all of course.

After the war of the Mahabharata: the event of a

Father of Srsyya Bhisham were lying. The worried and tearful Yudishtir Maharaj Sri take them to see God the father and gone to the Bhisham बोलेः "father! Dharmraj Yudishtir after the war have become a big Sokgrst. So you teaching them by their religion to the Prevention of mourning."

Then the father Bhisham कहाः "But will you say then teaching Keshub Hey! Ago to solve my doubts. Shubashub I know the fruit of deeds Bhogne have to. But in this life, I did not care any object seen by births in the last 72 did not do a cruel deed, resulting Banon I have to sleep on the couch. "

Sri कहाः then the "father! You last saw 72 births, but by a birth and see if you do know. Th birth in the last 73 mudar leaves you sitting on the green, holding her Tidde of acacia thorns were Bhonke . According to the deeds of the legislation today, thorn in the form of arrow, you have got. "

Sooner or later subject to the fruits of karma has to bear. Therefore, in deed and careful Bhogne fruits should be happy. Ishwararpit wise and careful Bhogne fruit should be happy. IQ was Ishwararpit deeds to conscience is clean. Atmanubv from the subject of rhythm is Krtapan Brahma himself and Akrta - Abhokta is going to Karmbndn exemption. Muktatma she says. Therefore, subject to the deed Ishwararpit IQ Krtapan Mitate should go. Deeds deeds should be cut.
Never take some one for granted, hold every person close to your heart because you might wake one day and realize that you have lost a diamond while you were too busy to collecting stones!!
Aseem Raj Srivastava

The Race is not over because I haven't won yet!!

Sun Tejasvita, coldness of the moon, the fragrance of flowers and Sukomlta is also remarkable Mahapuruson and equality of Prasnanta |

"Self-trust is the first secret of success"

"I feel like my green temple worship! Not a big green with Duja"

Hare Krishna !!


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