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Monday, 6 July 2009

Kathasagr: hidden talent

England in a village in the name of the boy was Churchill. His mind was not in school at all. He Jyadat R time in the premises of his house with stones and sand as a battlefield to the army was deployed to Ckrwuh created. Her family was very disturbed by these actions. England's army one day come to his house. Churchill's home on the premises of the war he asked to see the field, sitting, 'Son, if the enemy attacks from the east and then what will you do? "

Churchill said, 'You did not see carefully, the river is the left side. Made the cut on the bridge will then defeats the enemy will be there. " The commander asked, 'If the army invaded the north of what will happen then? The boy said, 'You try to understand. As soon as the army will return this way, there will start pour deployed artillery ammunition. " Commander of the child were very impressed with. He spoke to his father, 'your place of birth have the diamonds. I put a diamond in the crown to fit the profile will make. This is my promise. " Buklakr boy's father saying, 'The child as a diamond shape you want, that all fighting in the neighborhood

Does. It will be a qualified, I doubt it. " Commander said, 'You just have it handed to me, the rest is my work. "

Army, the father of the child as a matter of child protection in his left. After a few years with the army, the boy came to his father and said, 'Today, your son the best soldier is the army of England. You could not recognize his talent, but I recognized. Parents often hidden talent of children can not properly evaluate. Churchill later the same boy became prime minister of England.

[The true religion, and yoga is perseverance. Brahma is the eternal truth, the truth of the ultimate sacrifice, and everything has been said is based on the truth.]

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