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Monday, 6 July 2009

Kathasagr: saint of learning

Sant Shri Ramchandra Dongre Maharaj to live far away - far away from the people to solve their problems came. They On the difficult of the difficult problems were solved in a moment. One time a devotee came to him crying and told them with folded hands, 'Your Majesty, in my family has enough happiness, inexhaustible wealth - wealth, the only child but I also have a son, two daughters are not. Without my son's life appears incomplete.

G. Dongre Maharaj say, 'You son are eager to achieve so much? The person said, 'Maharaj, the son will be how to achieve salvation without me? The devotees to hear the answer to living Dongre Maharaj say, 'You have seen a father and that her daughters are not the achievement of salvation? A devotee said, "Your Majesty, I saw a person is not. Yes, such things are definitely heard. Dongre Maharaj spoke on the law, "the truth as to why you yourself have not seen him do? Heard in my life - to hear the words believe my life can not live properly. I know many such families, many - in spite of many sons are not satisfied.

If the son would be mere completion of the Mother Kusnskari sons - the father being upset? Being a son or daughter does not matter. You

His two daughters to his successor as. Them good values, good education make. If you follow his two daughters - complete nutrition without any discrimination and will satisfy you, maybe one day my daughters from skyrocketing talent and his height will probably touch many of the sons are not possible. But for this son of your mind you - the concept of discrimination in the daughter at this time will be deracinate. The same moment that the resolution was a devotee that he son - daughter of discrimination will not.

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