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Monday, 6 July 2009

The secret of happiness

Seth was one. Every kind of comfort to him - had facilities, but he was always sick. This condition and saved his wife from
Rche were also very upset.

One day Seth heard the discourse of a saint. He was very impressed to hear preaching and gone to meet him. Seth about his problem and told the owner to live. She also told him that happiness - is no shortage of facilities, just to her body and peace of mind is not. Yes, the owner smiles saying, "Brother, the body and peace of mind is a real pleasure. If this is not real happiness, you come to me with my problem?

Seth said on his talk, 'Yes, master, you are absolutely right. Now my mental disorder and you tell me the cause of diseases. " Yes, the owner said, "Yes, Seth, since you are disabled, so do not feel hunger, diseases of the body to come home to sleep and is a natural." Surprised to hear that Seth only told, 'Yes, master, this is what you are saying? Where am I good disabled? My hands - the feet are intact.

Seth speak of such a law on the owner say, 'Blemans, the same is not disabled, the hand - but he may not even have legs, the hand - even though his legs do not use. You hand - the legs to be disabled. You should reduce the number of servants. Your hands - feet Take the work. Exercise regularly. See you again in a few days openly hunger and diseases will also feel your body will disappear. "

Yes, the same Seth yourself to your work day began. Regular exercise and morning walk up and after living in his business - life was hard and after some time has been healthy at all.

Hare Krishna !!


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