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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Kathasagr: Last monitorial

The great philosopher Socrates and the cup of poison to kill had been decided. The end of my life FaSla's face after hearing Socrates also did not come on line to worry about He assured his religion and in the message as usual pupils are engaged in sharing. Student was shocked to see this. He can not understand how that is determined in this way Socrates. Loss of life from a night of Socrates his days away - appeared to come away from last sat surrounded by disciples.

His disciples were preaching the religion of their student teaching and were listening to Tnmayta. An environment where the pain was not. Socrates himself from worldly attractions and Nirlipt that night on his face unique divine glory was shining. Immortality of the soul of the voice to teach and was more effective. He told students, 'but the truth should always be firm. Satata the fear of death is only अज्ञानियों.

Teachings of Socrates broad effect on their pupils, yet when Socrates then finished his lecture by a student asked, 'What kind of death to your funeral? Socrates's face was red in the face to hear this. Say, 'soul-free soil to the base body made to think about what is required? Silently a few moments, he said, 'They beat you and Gadhoge. They beat and you Aclmndi from my understanding Atmahin Gadhoge body. So far I think he explained what was in vain. Fool, the soul is immortal and the body is mortal. Who can kill the soul. Who can dig. " All from the mouth of Socrates student body and the soul to hear his explanation before Ntmstk be raised. Night death of a former rather than the night of grief or mourning the death the night of the Festival had become.

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