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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Kathasagr: the light of knowledge

Direct all their pupils to a teacher explaining them with examples used to tell the path of knowledge acquisition . Once a student with the idea, dear - the discussion - do very late at night. At that time the facility was not light. When the student in his room to go down the stairs so scared to see the darkness deep. He said Guru, Guru, because darkness is Suj way, I like how Utrunga steps?

Listening to the teacher a student burning lamp placed in the hands of the student. As soon as the first student with a lamp down the ladder, so the guru Deepak extinguished. Deepak spread Bujte the darkness again. Student said, 'Master, what have you done? I'm stuck on the first ladder. How will cross the rest of the steps now? Guru say, 'Son, when one has to keep the foot on the ladder, then further steps will be found. Any other support provided by the lamp light is light that is not real but it is real light on walking in the darkness in you own is developed. That light, the light of a lamp provided a new and better light than is the only way to not show, but the conscience of all Ckshuon opening a new direction is. Directions to the heights it takes. So touch the heights of success, people built their own light, and the person who is learning to build my light, he takes his life became the best. So I extinguished the lamp of the lamp support so easily cross the steps you will, but my conscience will not be able to cross the stairs. " Student to understand his mentor. He not only made steps Byrhit and cross, but also his life best prepared.

Hare Krishna !!


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