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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Kathasagr: unique blessings

Once Guru Nanak Dev lived with his disciples came to a village. That the people of his village, a grand welcome

And a cottage in order to be made. Guru Nanak Dev, the villagers live very impressed with the service. When he left the village, he blessed the villagers and said, 'You all like a grain of wheat in the fields scattered around the go. "

Listening to this disciple running Bunck with them but they said nothing was left. Travel Guru Nanak Dev, the next day to live with his disciples arrived in another village. The people of their value at all - did not respect. They despise him a lot and says many types of abuse. Guru Nanak Dev, the next day, when the law began to depart from the village to bless the villagers, he said, 'You settle in well to be like a frog. " Guru Nanak Dev's hear it live disciples asked, 'Yes, teacher, the highly respect your villagers - the reception, you have scattered them to the people who despise you and your criticism of them to keep you always prosper blessed. We could not understand the implied meaning of the words are. Please bless us to explain in detail.

Yes, the mind of his disciples Gurunank: Purwk explain the situation as he politely said, "children, gentle and good people there will be scattered to wherever they'd create the perfect environment. Will expand the love and goodwill. Deep knowledge of Jlaange everywhere, while the creature where Satan will be the only Durjnta Failaange. Will contaminate the environment. So such people will be the only reasonable place to stay. " Yes, the disciples of Guru Nanak Dev, head bowed in front of the unique blessings taken.

Hare Krishna !!


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