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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Pride in knowledge

Nalanda University was a brilliant student skills. He had achieved distinction in Dharmshastron, but
He had begun to pride in their knowledge. While leaving the Nalanda skills with his mentor said, "Gurudev, you have given me the knowledge, but I devoutly took my knowledge - has not Pipasa quiet now. I want to get more knowledge. " Patliputr him of his Guru Maharaj Yogi's ashram in Dharmachary asked to go. The skills and Dharmachary when asked the purpose of his arrival he said, "Gurudev! Nalanda and I have to come to get more knowledge. Please accept me as his disciple to take. " Study skills and Dharmachary ask about him began. Kaushal said, 'I have almost every kind of knowledge, texts of all religions I have studied many times. I Shastrartha good - good scholars is defeated. " After his talks Dharmachary assistant said to bring the warm milk. Assistant and two cups of milk a role in keeping the left. Started putting milk in a bowl Dharmachary. Cup full of milk, but they did not stop to put the milk. Clk out of the cup and the milk began to fall. Dharmachary then put the milk. Seen with the skills surprised and said, "Gurudev, what are you doing this? So a bowl of milk is full. Smaaga it now and not milk. "

Skills of listening to the Dharmachary milk has closed off, then smile saying, 'Wats, the way to fill an empty cup of milk, should receive the same type of knowledge is required to open the mind. There should be sensitivity in mind. Their knowledge about you in my heart many confusion and bias are kept filled. I was given the additional knowledge Smaaga Where? Pride shattered all the skills - was shattered.

Hare Krishna !!


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