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Saturday, 4 July 2009

What not to eat?

* Sawan in yogurt and Mta Badon and should not eat.
* In the month of Karthik Bagn and should not eat bitter gourd
* Sravn in green vegetables (like spinach) should not eat (because they are animals)
* Should not eat yogurt in Badrpd
* Karthik in milk and lentils Asvin should not eat.
* Sunset after any architectural use of the mole should not.
* New Moon, Sunday and Poonam is harmful to the sesame oil
* Sunday basil, ginger, red pepper and red should not eat vegetables.
* आँवला Sunday, Sshti on Friday and should not eat.
* Date Prvl Tritiya should not eat (food Prvl Tritiya enemies of the growth is)
* Cturthy should not eat the radish (radish Cturthy the money from the food - is destroyed)
* Ashtmi should not eat the coconut (coconut Ashtmi weak sense of food, the coconut should not eat Ratko)
* Bagn should not eat the Tryodshi (Tryodshi son from the eggplant to eat or destroy the son gets hurt)
* Hrd and Karthik in Sravn of the radish is good for health (in Sravn Jtragni to reduce stomach diseases are more, so the food should Hrd)
* Milk or milk products Badrpd in the pudding is good for health, the body is out of the bile

Hare Krishna !!


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