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Saturday, 4 July 2009

'Relationship with death are erased ....'

'Relationship with death are erased ....'

Once your student Tumbru with Narad Dewarsi were going somewhere. Summer days. He drank water from a Pyau People and trees to sit under the shadow of. So from there in a 25-30 slaughter goats passed over. One of them a goat to the shop had to jump climb Mot food. On the shop name was written - 'Sgalchand Seth. Shop, he would take care of the goats on the goat's ear, holding two - four घूँसे die. Goat 'Ban .... Ban ... " In his mouth and began to fall all Mot.

Then slaughter the goat Pakdhate कहाः "When you halal goat, it will give it to me Mundi because it has been eating my Mot."

Narad Dewarsi the little - and looked like a carefully stressed - to laughing. Tumbru लगाः ask "Master! Why you laugh? घूँसे the goat when you were facing were hurt, but laughing, you have to care. What's the secret?"

Yes, the Narad कहाः "Leave it all .... This is the fruit of deeds, leave."

"No Master! Please tell me."

"The name is written on the shop 'Sgalchand Seth - Seth Sgalchand he himself has come to be the goat. Sgalchand The shopkeeper's son Seth. Mrkr Seth goat, and the shop has an old relationship with Ana as the food was on the Mot . Her son did go off killing him. I saw that none of 30 goats to the shop then why was not fucking? therefore seen by the mind to know that it was an old relationship.

The son was made for such Sgalchand Seth, the same four Mot son would not eat the seeds and eat it by mistake for Mundi, the father is asking for. Therefore, the motion of the object of fascination and men are laughing at me that his - the fruit of his deeds to each creature has to suffer in this life and relationships - as well as death are erased, do not do any work. "


Hare Krishna !!


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